Three of the Top 5 Wealthiest Neighborhoods in America are in Maryland, With a Large Population of Asian Americans

WASHINGTON, DC: A new compilation of the 1000 wealthiest neighborhoods in all of America lists finds that four of the top 10 are located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and that three of those four are rife with Asian Americans.


The Higley Elite 1000 – so named after Stephen R. Higley, a professor emeritus of urban geography at the University of Montevallo in Alabama who researched and compiled the list himself – lists Maryland neighborhoods Bradley Manor-Longwood (in Bethesda), Potomac Manor (in Potomac), and Carderock (also in Potomac) as the #2, #3, and #5 richest in the US, respectively. Additionally, the McLean, Virginia neighborhood of Swinks Mill-Dominion was ranked at #7 on the list, and another McLean neighborhood, Glendale, came in at #19.


The Bethesda neighborhood showed a mean income household of $599,440, with Potomac Manors following very closely behind with an average income of $599,331. Carderock registered $595,669 in mean household income per year, while Swinks Mill-Dominion came in with $562,596. The main reason attributed to such staggering financial success is that the area is populated relatively heavily with double-professional families, in which both the husband and wife work.


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Friday, February 28, 2014 - 7:15pm