Surge of Expectation for Clean Governance, Says Manmohan Singh

KOCHI: The Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, talked about the security of Indian citizens, residing within India as well as those overseas, addressing the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas here, after he formally inaugurated the three-day Diaspora meet on its second day.

Panelists at the Engaging Young Overseas Indians session on the second day of the Pravasi Bhaatiya Divas in Kochi
In his pointed address, Singh said the government is determined to turn any setbacks into an opportunity to improve the legal and regulatory frameworks in the country.

“There is now a surge of expectation from an increasingly empowered and articulate public, for more responsive, transparent, participative, clean and efficient governance,” commented Singh, in a nod to the increasing outcry to violence against women in the country.

Despite the primary responsibility of the safety and the security of the overseas Indian community being in the hands of the host countries, Singh said India would take necessary and prompt steps to ensure the welfare of its citizens.

“When needed, as was the case, last year in Libya, [the Indian] Government will provide prompt and necessary assistance,” he said.