Southern Illinois University Student Pravin Varughese Found Dead in Carbondale After Missing for 6 Days

WASHINGTON, DC: The nearly week-long disappearance of Southern Illinois University (SIU) student Pravin M. Varughese came to a tragic end on Tuesday, as the 19 year-old teenager’s body was discovered in Carbondale, Illinois.


WSIL-TV, the local ABC News affiliate in southern Illinois, is reporting that the boy’s body was found in an abandoned area off of Giant City Road in the same city where SIU is located. The area, located between a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant and Kohl’s store, is located about 2.5 miles from the SIU campus; Google Maps indicates that the distance is about five minutes away via car, and approximately 50 minutes on foot.


Details regarding who found the body and how it was found remain scarce. Police forensics teams have not yet determined nor revealed exactly how long the body had been in the field, leaving several gaping holes in the mystery of what exactly happened during Varughese’s unfortunate final hours. His disappearance last Wednesday night has already left the local SIU community reeling, but news of his demise is sure to devastate his family, friends, and the southern Illinois community.


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Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 5:30pm