Riverside Gurdwara Near Los Angeles, CA, Vandalized

Los Angeles, California, USA (July 30, 2013)–On the Eve of the first anniversary of the Wisconsin Oak Creek Gurdwara Tragedy, Sikh24 has just learned that vandals have defaced walls adjoining Riverside Gurdwara near Los Angeles, California Today.


Sangat have reported seeing the words “Terrorist” and “Terrist!” [sic] scrawled on the brick walls surrounding the Gurdwara and parking lot.


Presumably, police investigation into the vandalism will begin shortly, but Sikh organizations are warning Sikhs around the US to remain vigilant as the first anniversary of the Oak Creek tragedy nears as hate groups may take advantage of this time to hurt Sikhs further.


Anantvir Singh, a raagi (scripture singer) at the Gurdwara was surprised today when he went outside, saying, “I am shocked and appalled that this actually happened. Some ignorant people have defaced the wall of our Gurduara. We still need to work on telling the world who we are as Sikhs. We are not Terrorists.”


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Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 11:30pm