As Molestation Cases Increase 500% in Delhi, an Actress in Kerala Withdraws Complaint

NEW DELHI: A casual glimpse of India’s records of crime against women is abysmal. Take the case of the capital city of New Delhi, where security is supposed to be the tightest in the country: the figures are alarming – as against 590 rape cases registered in 2012, the police this year has already registered 1,330 such cases, a spurt of nearly 250%. But molestation cases appear to have skyrocketed. This year, police have already lodged 2,844 cases, an increase of over 500%.


Added to these macabre statistics is the role of those in authority. In recent times, at least six members of India’s state legislatures have been charged with rape and 36 other local politicians for crimes against women, including sexual abuse and assault. Two members of India’s national Parliament also have been charged for sexual abuse and assault, the non-profit organization, Association for Democratic Reforms, say.


Its founder Jagdeep Chhokar said the number of politicians in India’s 552-member Lok Sabha in Parliament who are facing criminal charges, including rape, has increased. B.G Verghese, an independent political analyst said the public and political outrage at the gang rape of a 23-year-old student who died last year rings hollow as long as parties continue to allow alleged rapists to represent them.


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Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 9:45pm