Mixed Reactions by Sikh Community to GAP Advert Featuring Waris Ahluwalia

NEW YORK (November 15, 2013)—The Sikh Community is amidst a controversy yet again and this time it has to do with a GAP ad that features Waris Ahluwalia.  The ad has provoked members of the community who have found it offensive as a female model is shown touching Waris’ turban in a rather impious way.


In particular, a Sikh from an American background named Gursant Singh has found it particularly “anti-Sikh.”  As per a statement shared on Facebook, the California resident has alleged that “Sikhs are being disrespected & insulted in this new Gap ad which depicts a Sikh with a woman’s hand lustfully placed on his turban and chest.”  Gursant Singh is set to organize a protest outside a GAP story in Davis, California to ask the store to remove the ad.


Many stand opposed to the protest however.  The protest page on Facebook has sparked retaliation from a number of Sikhs against Gursant Singh’s idea.   Many have shown mixed reactions about the ad while completely refuting the need to protest.


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Date added: 
Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 12:30am