How Did A Commerce Ex-lecturer Convert 25 Acres of Barren Land Into A Lush Green Farm?

A visit to Richard Rebello’s twenty five acre AR farms, some twenty five kilometres away from Mangalore in Heroor village, Kundapur, Udupi district in Karnataka is an example of the sheer grit and determination of a person with no background in agriculture, in fact a Commerce ex-lecturer, who through his persistent experimentation and research was able to apply principles of rainwater harvesting in his farm, which led to miraculous results and to the transformation of a barren piece of land into a model for rainwater harvesting.


“The farm was not like what you see today”, says Richard Rebello. It is indeed difficult to believe that the farm which is now full of vegetation, tall green grass, cashew nut trees, coconut, pepper, pineapples, areca nut, banana, was once a barren land without water. The two borewells and the three open wells in the farm are now full of water.


The story of how this barren piece of land was transformed into a self sufficient farm dates back to 1987. Richard Rebello acquired this land from a doctor who was keen to sell off this land as it had been written off as useless and uncultivable because of lack of water and the hard laterite rock which makes it very difficult to hold water.


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