Fashion Designer Anand Jon was Framed by a lot of the Girls, Says Lawyer

WASHINGTON, DC: In a concerted effort to prove that he is innocent, the lawyer and the family of Indian American designer Anand Jon are redoubling their endeavors to overturn his conviction through a campaign aimed at improving Jon’s public image.

Jon pled guilty to one count of indictment in forcing oral sex on a victim in a plea bargain in exchange for the dismissal of most of the 49-count indictment against him, in New York City, last week. In return, the prosecutor turned over documents that Jon’s attorney Angelyn Gates believe will play a crucial role in his appeal process in California.

Jon is currently serving a 59-year sentence for his prior conviction in California. A celebrity fashion designer who has appeared on America’s Next Top Model, Jon has also designed clothing for Mary J. Blige and Paris Hilton.

According to Gates, a California criminal defense lawyer, the documents turned over by the prosecutor included email, phone, and social media records from websites such as MySpace and Facebook. These records were not turned over to the attorneys prior to Jon’s trial last Thursday. Gates’ hope is that these records will establish a strong enough collusion case against the testimonies given by women involved.

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