2012, India’s Year of Shame

NEW YORK: From December 16th, she fought for 13 days for her life. It was the same day more than 300 years ago when Mount Fuji in Japan last erupted. As her vital organs started to get deflated, like balloons pinpricked after a party is over – in this case a gang rape party – and in between streams of consciousness, she withstood many happenings, even the Mayan doomsday on the 21st.

She fought. Really hard. Recorded two statements from her hospital bed to a magistrate about the subjugation, the maniacal beatings with an iron rod and the penetrations she had gone through that night on board a bus in New Delhi when lust and depravity of six men, drunk and out on a ‘joyride,’ turned her date night into a horror movie she couldn’t stop watching; would waste her body into a sea of suppurations.