Zayn Malik: Fans rejoice at ex-One Direction member's Urdu single

BBC News - January 15, 2024 - 12:01am
The British singer has hopped on a remake of Tu Hai Kahan by Pakistani band Aur.
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Taiwan election: China says US 'gravely wrong' to congratulate new leader

BBC News - January 14, 2024 - 8:33am
Beijing accuses the US of violating its commitment to maintain only unofficial ties with Taiwan.
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Ko Wen-je: The dark horse who has shaken up Taiwan's politics

BBC News - January 14, 2024 - 2:52am
Ko Wen-je has irrevocably altered Taiwan's political landscape by appealing to Taiwan's young voters.
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Brunei's 'hot prince' formally marries in 10-day celebration

BBC News - January 14, 2024 - 2:22am
Prince Abdul Mateen waves at well-wishers from an open-top Rolls Royce as he weds Yang Mulia Anisha Rosnah.
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Agatha Christie: The Indian hotel murder that inspired the queen of crime

BBC News - January 13, 2024 - 5:26pm
The sensational case, which made global headlines, is said to have influenced Christie's first book.
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William Lai: Taiwan just chose a president China loathes. What now?

BBC News - January 13, 2024 - 11:43am
How William Lai manages Beijing, and how Beijing reacts to him, will determine his presidency.
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Taiwan elects William Lai president in historic election

BBC News - January 13, 2024 - 11:22am
The move has angered Beijing which reviles Mr Lai and his pro-sovereignty party.
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Jacinda Ardern marries partner Clarke Gayford in private ceremony

BBC News - January 13, 2024 - 6:05am
New Zealand's former PM marries TV presenter Clarke Gayford in a Hawke's Bay vineyard.
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Dog meat: Why is it a sensitive topic in South Korea?

BBC News - January 12, 2024 - 10:09pm
The issue - which divides the nation along age lines - has come to the fore after a new law passed.
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Annapoorani: Netflix removes Nayanthara film after backlash from Hindu groups

BBC News - January 12, 2024 - 2:48am
Members of hard-line Hindu groups had criticised the film for showing a Brahmin character eating meat.
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New Malden: Pioneer Jinny Kim on 20 years of K-beauty in the UK

BBC News - January 12, 2024 - 1:06am
Jinny Kim brought eyelash extensions to the UK in 2003 and has treated many of the rich and famous.
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Can Nikki Haley really stop Donald Trump in 2024?

BBC News - January 11, 2024 - 10:58pm
She's betting the ex-president is more vulnerable than polls suggest. It’s still a very long shot.
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Bengaluru Kannada protests: Why English is a touchy topic in India's Silicon Valley

BBC News - January 11, 2024 - 7:20pm
Kannada-language protesters recently hit the headlines for tearing down English billboards in Bengaluru.
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Taiwan election: It's not war young voters worry about - it's jobs

BBC News - January 11, 2024 - 6:05pm
With high home prices and stagnant wages, young voters care more about the economy than Beijing's threats.
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Taiwan election: China warns voters then condemns US 'brazen chattering'

BBC News - January 11, 2024 - 11:11am
China says the ruling party candidate is a risk to relations, then condemns US "brazen chattering".
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OneFour: Australia police foil alleged plot to kill rap group members

BBC News - January 11, 2024 - 3:59am
Two men have been charged with conspiring to murder four members of the rap group OneFour.
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Maldives: Maldivians debate India's 'boycott' of their nation

BBC News - January 11, 2024 - 2:28am
Tensions have escalated after three Maldivian ministers made derogatory comments about India's PM Modi.
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Papua New Guinea: At least eight dead after major rioting and unrest

BBC News - January 11, 2024 - 2:26am
The rioting and looting kicked off after police and other public servants went on strike over wages.
Categories: news

Watch: Streets overrun by looters in Port Moresby

BBC News - January 10, 2024 - 9:29pm
Angry protests in the Papua New Guinean capital descended into violence after a police pay dispute.
Categories: news

China and Taiwan: Love and longing across the strait

BBC News - January 10, 2024 - 7:00pm
Beijing has made its position clear on Taiwan, but what do the country's citizens want?
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