DC Artist Prepares to Launch Her Debut Album

WASHINGTON, DC: Classical musician Nistha Raj, a Washington, DC-based recording artist, is getting ready to launch her debut solo album early next year.


Her album, entitled “Exit 1,” is not just a simple compilation of Hindustani classical music. Throughout her musical career, Raj has had a knack for combining the sounds of the East and West, melding Indian music with hip-hop beat-boxing and all sorts of other urban sounds to create something entirely new and unique.


Raj’s education in the field of music has lasted 20 years to date, taking her all over the world for both instruction and performances. She has performed at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, DC, and has performed at various embassies around the world, including Canada, Columbia, and Poland.


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Date added: 
Wednesday, December 18, 2013 - 9:45am